start writing a thesis

How to Start Thesis Writing

All students have specific areas of interest, and when they enter any faculty, they expect to cooperate with the teacher, a mentor, who would specialize in the research direction...

writing term paper format
13 November 2016
Term Paper Writing

What is Term Paper Format

During an academic term, all the students do a lot of different types research papers. One of those research papers is a term paper.

trusting online writing services
5 November 2016
Custom Writing Services

Can I Trust Online Writing Services

More and more students today use online writing services. This is not surprising but here we have another issue - trusting writing services without any checking can lead to the failure.

step by step guide to research paper writing
18 October 2016
Research Paper Writing

Step by Step Guide to Research Paper Writing

What do we know about research-paper so far? Your research paper is not the presentation of someone else's thoughts, opinions or researches but this is a summary of your own researches...

strategies for essay writing
18 September 2016
Essay Writing

Essay Writing Strategies

In the modern world, there are lots of types of written works. You can choose an exact type for your own purpose - in general, students have to work on essays. And talking about it - there are several strategies for writing essays.

writing an extended essay
5 September 2016
Essay Writing

Extended Essay - What is This Type of Academic Assignment

Today we are going to answer one important question – What is the extended essay?

help to students for writing papers
30 August 2016
Custom Writing Services

Writing Help for Students: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

It doesn't matter where you are studying at the moment. In any case, you'll have to write different types of written assignments. So our aim is to provide and discuss kinds of writing help for students.

research and calculations

Writing Qualitative Dissertation

During our studying in college, we usually write different types of writing works. We've talked almost about all the types of them. Now it's time to talk about writing qualitative dissertation...

research paper goals
28 July 2016
Research Paper Writing

The Main Goals of a Research Paper and How to Achieve Them

So lately we have been talking a lot about different aspects of writing a research paper. But we did not actually talk about research paper goals...

coursework deadline
17 July 2016
Term Paper Writing

What to Do if Coursework Deadline Tomorrow and the Work is not Ready

You may be surprised to learn what can do in a few hours. Even if the coursework deadline tomorrow, should not despair. Here is a guide for the emergency situation...